58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society

Dear Colleague,

We are very pleased to announce that the 58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society (PBS), entitled ‘Botany without Borders’, will be held on 1–7 July 2019 in Cracow.

We invite you to participate in the Congress. The unique atmosphere of our city will encourage the exchange of expertise, views and experiences among researchers working in the many sub-fields of botany. We want this conference to produce concrete results. It should be an opportunity for the members of various research centres and academic institutions to collaborate.

The ‘Botany without Borders’ conference will be the place to launch initiatives aimed at applying the achievements of the botanical sciences for various practical applications and – equally important – for new activities aimed at spreading awareness of issues related to botany among the wider public.

The programme of the 58th PBS Congress will be complemented by a series of field sessions taking place in some of the most attractive regions of Małopolska Province.

We are counting on your interest in our 58th PBS Congress, and on the broad participation of scientists, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and botany enthusiasts.

In January of this year a registration programme was implemented. Updates and news will be posted on the 58th PBS Congress website.


See you in Kraków

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society
Chairman, Cracow Branch of the Polish Botanical Society


Konrad Wołowski