58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society titled ‘Botany without Borders’ to be held on 1 7 June 2019 in Cracow.

We would like to invite you to participate in the Congress, hoping that the unique atmosphere of our City will favour the exchange of expertise, opinions and experiences of researchers within the field of Botany in the broad sense of the term. We wish this conference to bring tangible results as well as to be a great opportunity for the collaboration of employees of various research and academic institutions.

We hope the Congress titled “Botany without Borders” will bring about new initiatives to implement the achievements of the botanical sciences in practice in various practical applications and – which is of equal importance – new activities for the popularisation of botanical knowledge.

The programme of the 58th Congress of the PBS will be complemented by a cycle of field panels in the most attractive regions of Małopolska.

We hope you will find our 58th PBS Congress interesting and join a wide group of participants: scientist, researchers, PhDs and students, as well as botany enthusiasts.

In January this year, a registration tool will be launched, while updates and news will be posted on the 58th PBS Congress’s website.


See you in Kraków


On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 58th Congress of the Polish Botanical Society

President of the PBS’s Kraków Division

Professor Konrad Wołowski, PhD